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Hi Glen
I’ve read all I can find in the Forum but can’t find anything similar. I’ve installed the Lloyds Chrome extension, filled in (and saved) all the login/account details and the icon appears in the top right of Chrome and gives me a drop-down list of banks, If I select Lloyds, then I’m logged into my account but nowhere is there a macro or other button to export the transactions to Quickfile. I’m running v 1.36 of the extension and 50.0.2661.87 m of Chrome.
Any ideas gratefully received!


Hi @paulpestille

With the Lloyds feed, you have to go to the bank statement bank and click the ‘Export to QuickFile’ button. This was changed a few week ago when they changed their interface.

I’ll see if I can dig up the old post now for you

blimey - that was quick!
But I’ve done that - all I get is a downloaded file in Chrome - nothing turns up in QF…

We do try :wink:

You install the chrome feed, select ‘Lloyds Bank’ from the drop down, and that should load the Lloyds web site. From there, input your log in details, log in and go to the bank statement page. You should see an ‘Export to QuickFile button’

This post may be of some help:

okey doke - works now! Thanks!

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