Lloyds open bank feed not updating

Hi I migrated to open banking but since 21 Oct quickfile is not updating from the bank. i looked in more options on the QF current account page and it does not give the option of refreshing the feed or any mention of bank feeds. help!

Hi @Termeek1

On your bank statement view, do you see a little grey “bank” icon, or a bank logo?

This is an example of how the “bank” icon looks:

If it’s the icon, you will need to go to More Options >> Settings and update the name of the bank. This way, we can check that the feed is available and show the “Activate Bank Feed” option.

hi Mathew
thanks the Bank was missing, though I cant understand why, as to start the open Banking I had to put it in and it worked for a while and then stopped. but putting the bank name back in has sorted it, i re activated and refreshed the feed! thank you!
now i can reconcile my year end at last more easily!

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