LLOYDS QFX (not QIF) - how to import?

Hi there, I have now automated bank feeds from Lloyds, however need to also bulk import some legacy data in. I have managed to do this some time ago fine, but the bank now only offers me the newish Quicken format (QFX) which you do not seem to support.

As you do not support CSV feed either, this leaves me with no option as neither of the formats LLOYDS commercial banking offers in their export feature, you can actually import in.

Do I really have to restore to loading the previous transactions all manually?!

Note: looked into QFX > QIF conversion, but the only reasonable program doing this (version that allows more than 10 lines) is $39.99 which seems excessive for a one-off need.

Any suggestions appreciated.


You can upload a .csv document? I’m a little confused.

If you have a .csv document then you can use this to upload your bank statement.

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