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I have tried logging into my quickfile account on two different computers and there’s an error message as shown -

This site can’t be reachedCheck if there is a typo in (mycompanyname).quickfile.co.uk.
If spelling is correct, try running Connectivity Diagnostics.

This has never happened before and all other apps, browsers and websites are functioning perfectly.

The app seems to be working but can’t add new clients either which limits access.

Can someone have a look to see whats happening please and if this will be rectified?



Have you tried this:



Yes, this was also tried last night. After 25 minutes of not being able to log in, I finally was able to log in and tried just now and the same message has come up. There’s clearly a server problem at your end. This message is showing again this morning;

This site can’t be reachedCheck if there is a typo in libracarpetcare.quickfile.co.uk.
If spelling is correct, try running Connectivity Diagnostics.

Many thanks,

We are having the same problem - I have been unable to log in since last night. Can someone please investigate.


We are looking into this now for you

@tracyannw can you please provide the error message you are receiving with the URL so I can pass on the account details to the development team.

Hello @LibraCarpetCare

We have tested your account and looked at error logs and can find no issue at our end.

Can you please try the address on your mobile phones browser (don’t connect to Wi-Fi try using mobile data)

Enter the address in the the browser to make sure it works

If this works successfully try connecting to the Wi-Fi and retry


Thanks for coming back to me but it seems to be working fine again?


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