"Log Payment" dialogue still shows a bank account warning message even after "Apply from credit" has been selected

If I log a payment against an invoice, the “Log a payment” dialog appears and is initially set to pay the credit to a bank account.

If that bank account is linked to a feed, the message “The selected bank account has an active bank feed, manually inserting a payment may cause duplication” is displayed. That’s correct.

However if the customer has credit and I tick the “Apply from credit” box, the bank account information disappears but the warning message remains.

This is incorrect and confusing. The first few times I used this I was worried that a rogue transaction would still be created in the bank account. It isn’t, but the message gives the impression that it will be.

When the “Apply from credit” box is ticked, the warning message should disappear.

Hi @AndyK

Sorry for the delay in coming back to you about this. I’ve passed your query over to the relevant person to have a further look into what’s causing this.

Thanks, Sian. It’s not urgent and you soon get used to ignoring it, but it’s obviously wrong so it ought to be fixed at some point.

Hi @AndyK,

Some changes have been made to fix this. Please let us know if you’re still seeing the error.


Er… I’m afraid it’s worse! Now if I tick “apply from credit”, everything remains visible. It’s now completely misleading.

When I tick the “Apply from credit” box, all the bank account information should disappear as it is irrelevant. Here’s a mockup of what I expected to see:

  • Andy

Hi @AndyK

That’s certainly a bit odd as this works all OK on our test account.

Let me look into this further and come back to you shortly.

OK. For what it’s worth I’ve just tried logging out and in again and refreshing the invoice page. Still not working.

Windows 10, latest version of Chrome (Version 88.0.4324.190 (Official Build) (64-bit))

Hi @AndyK

I’ve just checked this over with our development team, and what you’ve shown in the follow-up post is correct, and has always been the case.

I’m assuming that this is using a different invoice compared to the one when you reported the issue?

What happens, is if the credit is less than the invoice total, you’re given the chance to save both the credit allocation, as well as logging a “top-up” payment to pay off the balance. In your first screenshot, I assume that the credit was equal to or greater than the invoice balance, hence the option for a further payment was hidden.

I hope this makes sense, but any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Sorry, no, the credit in this case is considerably more than the amount payable. It’s changed yet again but it’s still not right.

Here’s an example with the numbers intact.

I hit “Log Payment” and see this dialog box:

All good so far. It thinks I’m about to make a payment from the current account and it’s warning me that the current account has an active feed.

So now I tick “Apply from credit” and “Pay in full”.

The client has more than enough credit to pay in full, no other payment will be necessary.

The original problem was that although the “paid to [current account]” line disappeared (correctly, as it’s no longer relevant) the red warning message about the current account was still being displayed, which was incorrect. See the screenshot in my original post.

Now it’s still wrong, but the other way round - which arguably is worse! The red warning message is hidden (correctly), but the “paid to [current account]” remains visible (incorrectly). So now it looks as if the £5 applied from credit will be paid to the current account, which makes no sense at all. Here:

Hi Andy

Just to confirm, in your second screenshot, am I correct in thinking the invoice total outstanding balance is £5.00?

The only thing that has changed here recently is the hiding of the bank feed message. Nothing else has changed.

To make it clearer I’ve just started from scratch, setting up a credit balance of £20 on my “test” client then invoicing that client for £10. The behaviour has changed again! You’ve nearly got it right now, except that the line with “Amount [ ] [] Pay in full Payment Date [ ]” is also being hidden when the “Apply from credit” box is ticked. I’ve recorded a video to demonstrate but I’m not permitted to upload it here - perhaps you’d like to contact me separately?

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