Log payment from credit in GBP to a EUR invoice

First I want to say that your product is excellent !

I am trying to record a payment from credit. My invoice is in one currency (USD/Euro) and the payment is made in GBP.
Is that possible at all?


Hi Alex, thanks for the endorsement!

Every credit held on a client account is locked to a specific currency and can only be used to pay invoices of that same currency. This will be visible if you look at the client detail screen in question.

What you will need to do in the client detail screen is click to ‘Add credit’, you can then specify the currency the credit should be held in (highlighted in yellow). You can then use that credit to pay invoices denominated in the same currency.

Obviously if you’re adding as a credit you’ll want to go and delete the original one, you can do this from the bank or delete it from the payment management screen.