Log payments against imported invoices

I obtain my purchase invoices by imported them from a bank feed. So I get supplier, date, amount, etc.

How do I tell quickfile that the payment has already been made, because it was paid via the bank originally.

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Hello Jerry

I obtain my purchase invoices by imported them from a bank feed. So I get supplier, date, amount, etc.

Do you mean you use auto tagging rules to create the invoices automatically?

If that is the case they should be marked as paid upon creation.

If you are creating the invoice manually using the details from the feed, click tag from the feed and tag it as a supplier payment, then select the invoice

Thanks for the input.

I am not using auto tagging.

Where (what page) do I see the detail from the feed, so I can tag it.

Regarding auto tagging, do we do this for individual suppliers or some kind of grouping?

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On your bank account which uses the feed

Hope this helps

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll hold of tagging for the time being.

But, I took a feed for January, February and March 2023 for both suppler debits and client credits.

If I look in the bank (I only have one) I can see the credits which look correct, but there are no debits. I cannot find the most recent supplier feed. Is there somewhere else I look for imported supplier invoices and then mark them as having been paid?

I feel as though I must be a bit of a dunce but it is confusing the hell out of me at present.

Many thanks again,

Ah, now I have found the ‘Show All Purchases’ and ‘Show Outstanding Purchases’.

Against the outstanding purchases I see a red button labelled Unpaid.Under this button are the choices to:

  • Make a copy
  • Log a payment
  • Delete

So if I log a payment what happens? All I want to do is make it clear it has been paid - the feed came from the bank statement anyway, so I do not want to raise any other activity other than reconcile the invoice.

Will that work?

Hi, you can click log payment and use your bank account. This will mark the invoice as paid from your bank account and creates the entry in your bank account.
If you use a auto-feed from your bank, the method above will create a duplicate and you will have to delete the entry brought in by the feed.
If you have a auto-feed for your bank it is better to start the tagging process in your bank account by clicking on the red tag me button. In this process you can create the invoice which is automatically marked as paid. If the invoice already exists you can select the invoice during this process.

For more info, the knowledge base is a good start

Hope this helps

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