Logging in as administrator

The login says that I am the administrator but I can’t add other users

Where are you seeing that it says you are the administrator? Are you getting any error messages when trying to add users, or not seeing the option?

There is no option to add another user.

Chances are, it’s not the primary account then.

Where are you seeing that it says you are the administrator?

Just to be sure, are you checking the Team management screen?

And at the bottom of that page:

I am following the links tha you showed above. The administrator is shown when I log in from the email - see below

Log into your Quick File account…
The following accounts were
located for ‘xxxxxxxx@xxxxx.com’. Please select the company you
wish to access below.

TIP: Don’t forget to bookmark your login page for faster access in

The Croft Tearoom Cic

You are the administrator

That does seem a little bit strange. Do you have any other users on your account?

Ah, I’ve just noticed something with the email which needs to be changed. The “You are the administrator” bit isn’t accurate.

I’ll ask @Glenn to check in on this to see if that can be rectified

I’ve also removed your email address from your post to keep it private.

Hi @normanwells001 we have another individual listed on your account who is the admin user. Although that user does appear to have logged in this morning so perhaps you’ve rectified this?

@Parker1090 I think when it says “You are the administrator” it actually means that you are not a client of that company. That email lists all the accounts an email is associated to, whether that’s in the context of a client of that account or an admin user.

I see how this could be confusing as elsewhere we refer to administrators as the primary user on a given account. Will have a look at that.

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Hi Glen - thanks for your help. I’ve found out why my admin rights disappeared as I added another user and ticked the Administrator Box thinking that you could have more than one administrator. …

Ok thanks for letting us know. There is a pop-up warning when you do this but I will see if we can change this to something more prominent.

Hi there. We have two users on our account and strangely neither of us seem to be the administrator! We need to add a third user but obviously can’t do so. Can you help please? Account 6131405772. Thanks.

There appear to be 3 users on your account rather than 2. I will send you a private message to discuss further.