Logging In Problem - need access!

Hi. I am being asked to make a new subscription and pay £45. I haven’t paid for Quickfile so far, can you help me? I can’t log in to check in what grade I currently am (I didn’t set up the account initally). My account number is 6131438333. Thank you very much.


As of December 1st 2015, any L or XL accounts would be required to pay £45+VAT for a years worth of access, known as the ‘Power User Subscription’.

As you’re seeing this notification, you would be required to pay for the subscription to continue using QuickFile.

If you need help with anything relating to this, you’re more than welcome to send me a private message (click my name and then ‘Message’) with some account information, and I’ll see what I can sort for you :slight_smile:

Hi - OK upgraded which is fine. Still a great service. Could you send us the invoice from you for the transaction please (or show me where to find it).

Also the P&L reports still need work. Xero which we run a different company on is better at this but it would be so easy to wipe the floor with all the other competition if you get the reporting function right.

Thank you for your order, you can get hold of VAT receipt from within your account. See here for details.

Regarding the Profit and Loss report if you post any specifics on how we can improve this on a separate thread we’ll certainly take a look for you!

Ok will do so on another thread


I need to send you a file which because it contains data of mine, I’d rather it not be in the public domain. Can you send me an email to tim.dew at mydomain when you get 5. I will reply in full in the next few days.

Cheers, Tim


You can send a file in through a private message on the forums. Click on either my name or Glenn’s and click ‘Message’

I’ve just enabled this on your forum account for you

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