Logging PAYE and NIC contributions


Please can somebody advise me how to process employee PAYE and NIC versus employer NIC contributions.

I’m presuming that NET salary goes under salaries and drawings, but does employee PAYE and NIC also go under this, or under HMRC PAYE? If so, how do you then log employer NIC to distinguish between them?

Thanks in advance,

Eleanor Harris

You may find the guide below to be useful.

Basically you can tag the net payment to your employee as NET Staff Salaries Paid, there is a specific bank tagging option for this and the tax + NI payments choose the option “Tax payment to HMRC (e.g. VAT, PAYE or Corporation Tax)”.

Now you need to take the figures from your payroll software and enter a journal to break down the PAYE, SMP, NIC and any other components of your payroll. This is explained in the following guide.


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