Logging payments - missing reference info

I notice in the Creditor Control Account when logging payments on invoice that the reference to the invoice is missing.

How can add the missing the supplier info?

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We’ve filled in those blanks for you. I’m not sure why they were missing?

I’ve passed the details over to the dev team to try and find out what caused this. Perhaps this is related to them being foreign currency invoices?

I’ve noticed this on my account too (6131463368).

Payments logged by tagging from the bank statement have “Payment to Supplier: [description from bank transaction]”, where the bank description is a link to the payment record (/secure/purchase/paymentView.aspx?pID=<whatever>).

But payments logged directly to invoices appear on the nominal ledger as just “Payment to Supplier:” and nothing else. Looking at the HTML source the <a> tag is there and has the right href but the element content is empty so there’s nothing to click on.

It’s actually been like this for quite some time. It’s only appearing on the creditor control side, not the debtor control side. It’s been like this for over 1 year, although never reported until now.

You are correct it is displaying an empty <a> tag at the moment. Unfortunately it’s not a quick fix and needs to be addressed by our database admin. As a temp fix in the next release we’ll fill that <a> tag with the text “Payment details” so at least the hyperlink will work. The DBA will need to have a look to determine if anything else needs to be done following this.

It would be fine if it used the auto-generated bank transaction description “Payment to [name of supplier]”, sounds to me like one of those situations where some code needs to reverse the order of a couple of operations, doing “create bank transaction” first, then “create creditors control transaction using bank description” second rather than vice-versa.

I know there’s quite a lot of complexity here, it relies on database triggers to generate the ledger entries from the payment/invoice records. How you described it, I believe is how the debtor control side works, we’d need to have a closer look.

Right now we’re just coming to the end of a a huge rewrite of QuickFile… VB.NET to C#, we have hundreds of test cases we need to complete and much of the code is on lock down, very much looking forward to getting this out of the way :frowning:

Thanks Glenn
that works for now, hopefully the dev team can fix it …

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