Logging purchases

Yesterday when logging purchases i logged them under the wrong category how do i go back and reassign the category i want them in

If they are un-tagged you can go into the invoice and edit. If they are already tagged you will need to un-tag them from the payment first.

hope this helps :slight_smile:

If the invoices are marked as PAID then you will need to go to the bank account view - find the transactions.

To un-tag them you click on the Tagged button, then select Detag Transaction

Brilliant thanks a lot

The advice you have received from @QFBeth seems wrong to me. If an invoice has been misposted to the wrong nominal ledger simply go to that invoice and update the nominal accounts listed on your sale/purchase to the account that is correct.

There is no need to return to the bank to “detag” and start again - if you do this you will find duplicate invoices in your creditor control that then would need deleting,

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Sorry - @alan_mcbrien is correct - I had in my head that if it was tagged you would be unable to edit the invoice.

My apologies.

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no problem
i sorted it

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