Logging VAT on Gross Sales

This is probably an accounting question but also a Support question

We are a Cafe and have just registered for VAT. (Flat Rate Scheme)

Until now I have been recording Daily Sales invoices as printing from our Z reading from the POS system. By Category - Food sales, drink Sales, Non Vatable sales

The POS records VAT on Each Item based on it being a zero or 20% rated Item. and gives a second read out for Tax split (gross) & Tax Breakdown (Total net sales & total Tax)

However when logging the Vat on the quickfile I need to put in the Net Sales, then select the VAT rate & it will calculate total. I also need to Do this on All daily invoices back to the 1st of june.

Can I change the Quickfile system to Calculate VAT on Gross sales? I would be Awsome if I could fill in the Total column apply the 20% VAT rate & Quick file would fill in the Net…

Any Suggestions?

You might want to add your vote to this thread also.

I think this is something we will look at in the short to mid term, although in the interest of minimising duplicate threads have a look at the topic @Lurch points to above.

I will close this one for now.