Login - 2 factor authentication query

Hello, how do I set up two factor authentication please? Every time I log in or try to, it says details are invalid and I have to request a new password. I have never been able to just log in with email and password. Thanks, Donducébjonos

What URL are you trying to log in to? Are you asking about your personal https://yourcompanyname.quickfile.co.uk or about this forum?

If it doesn’t like your password then 2FA won’t help, as for that you log in with the authenticator code in addition to your password, not instead of it.

Hello, I am looking in with my email address and password to get into my companies.

So, When you go to the log in page. In the URL bar at the top is the website


In certain browsers it can remember your password - if you are having to reset it each time you may find this feature useful?

Hello Beth, no, I log in with my email address (that is registered with QF) on the login page of QF. Am I doing it wrong then? thanks Donducé

Hi @Donducebjonos

Each QuickFile account has their own area which can be accessed from a unique web address that you would have chosen when you signed up. This is in the format of:

If you go directly to this page you can log straight in using your email address and password.

I believe you may be using the account finder form (here) which just emails you a list of accounts your email address is associated with.

Hello again, I am logging in on the affinity dashboard of QF. Is there another way of logging in then please? Thanks, Donducébjonos

If it’s Affinity, then you would just have one email address and password and you would log into Affinity directly here: https://affinity.quickfile.co.uk.

From the Affinity dashboard, you would just click “Login” for the account you want to access.

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