Login redirected to natwest.com/nw

I’d like to use the chrome plugin to import from my bank. I have a natwest business acount, however when I try to login, I get redirected to another login, and the plugin doesn’t recognize it…

"Important Information: Your login page has changed.
If you have accounts with NatWest Scotland which are subject to the European Commission requirement to sell part of our UK banking business, they can now be managed online at natwest.com/nw.

If your accounts are not included with NatWest Scotland, you can continue to manage these at natwest.com"

dnt login in on tht site contact natwest asap

It looks like I have an account with “NatWest Scotland”

is there any plan to support that?

THis looks like a scam as i cant find anything about this being true if it is true need to ask quickfile developers if they will support it

I am 99% sure its not a scam. It’s a consequence of the banking shenanigans including mergers/demerger/santander takeover/not takeover of natwest between santander, and rbos. It’s been a PITA using the normal online banking, so I am not surprised the quickfile plugin isn’t aware of it.

On the +ve side, it looks to be the same API, html page templates etc, so supporting it could be a matter of adding a few different URLs to the code…

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it is phishing site i just checked it for you do not login if oyu have contact natwest asap

You need to make sure you know what you are talking about before attempting to make alarming posts. Best you stick to randomly creating loads of questions about things that are already in the help files.

IT is my field of expertise

I am IT Consultant i deal with these things daily go to the address mentioned above you will find it redirects to some weird site, so yes i know what i am talking about

You clearly don’t. Please check your facts and update your sources of information with these facts also.

@tomhodder it appears to be related to the RBS divestment arrangements imposed by the EU. A number of existing Natwest accounts are getting moved and consequently the feed will no longer work.

Unfortunately we are limited by the number of feeds we can support. Each one must be maintained and updated whenever the bank changes anything.

For any javascript developers out there we will expose the source code so it can be adapted to work with different banks, we are happy to assist where we can it’s just we can’t support all banks in house.

well… if you put the chrome plugin on github, ill be happy to submit a patch for “natwest scotland” if I can.

OK I will certainly get a developer to look at this in the new year. I’d be happy to put this code on GitHub as I think in an open source environment it will be easier to extend and maintain support.


Putting the files on GitHub would be a good idea I think for more support!

@tomhodder - just to clarify, the ‘nwolb.com’ (or NatWest OnLine Banking) is registered to the bank of Scotland at St Andrew’s Square - which is their correct address (and has a nice museum :slight_smile: )


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