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Login to Quickfile with third party login provider


My clients have unique logins to my wordpress site. It would be great if they could login to quick file using their wordpress login. Or vice versa, login to my wordpress site with their Quickfile credentials.

I have seen this on other sites where you can login/create account with your credentials from Google/Facebook/Disqus/WP…

wWould be an awesome feature, massively opening up user experience.


We may in the future support Open Auth which will allow users to login using a variety of login credentials for many popular web services (e.g. Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter etc).

It’s not likely something we will be able to look at further in the next few months, although it is an area we’re interested in. Also I’m not sure at this stage if Wordpress is supported via Open Auth but again we will look at this further in due course.


@Glenn, may be worth looking at Janrain - they offer an easy solution for multiple log ins (Google, OpenID, Facebook, Twitter, etc).

I’ve not personally looked at it in quite a while, but from when I did use it during their trials, it seemed very promising


Not wanting to confuse the issue but I use this;



Great that you are considering this!

It will really give me an integrated client solution.

Lurch is on point. OpenID looks perfect. WP have a plugin for it already.


Both LoginRadius and Gigya provide social login services using which you can login using facebook, twitter, google plus, wordpress and many other platforms. Janrain is fine too but its very expensive once you want to get in premium version


Managing a range of users across multiple web apps it would be great if you supported SAML so I could link QuickFile to a service such as OneLogin to centralise my users login details


Have a look at this existing feature request on single sign on.



The more scalable and robust option is to use a SAML Ido to authenticate both. It is possible to add a Saml Idp to most identity stores. If QuickFile supported Saml as a service provider then you could achieve your aim but it would also not restrict QuickFile to just linking with that CMS. Take a look at PingOne and OneLogin.


Thank you @Jonathan_Richardson. I’ll leave this topic open and if there’s enough interest from the community, it’s something we could possibly look at further.


If you read the thread I linked to you would see it also had suggestions for other sign on methods, which is why I linked to it as it wasn’t just about linking to Wordpress.

Maybe the 2 threads could be merged to make it a central single sign on feature request?


Good suggestion @Lurch! :smile:

I’ve merged the two topics and amended the title slightly to make it easier to track the interest in this area.


Any further thoughts on this? I definitely think it would be worth having this built in to QuickFile and allowing login via other ID providers. Would be great to see integration with Google Apps SAML login similar to FreshDesk.


No updates here I’m afraid. However, we will update this thread if and when we can provide any.


With the changes brought in by GDPR getting some kind of SIngle Signon is even more important. We have just moved various websites to take advantage of our Office365 Azure AD giving us much better control and compliance. SAML login please…