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Logo - Affinity has stopped showing?

The LOGO used in the white label area has stopped showing on the client copy company Affinity account 102401624. Why would this be…? What do I need to do to enable the logo?

A/C 6131501692 where logo should show

Hi @1andy_mc

There was a change which corrected a small bug.

If the Affinity account set up the QuickFile account, then the logo would be shown on the account.
If however the QuickFile account was set up and later linked to Affinity, then it will retain the standard QuickFile logo.

Hi so as the LOGO is now not showing, I assume the bug fix has resulted in the logo not showing (as the Quickfile account was probably created before the affinity account)

Is there any way I can rectify this so the LOGO shows, or is not possible…?

You can use a bit of custom JavaScript to change it. If you go to Account Settings >> Design Customisation >> Advanced HTML/CSS Customisation, and then select Custom Scripts, you can add the below to change it:

$(document).ready(function() {
     $('#imgLogo').attr('src', 'URL TO LOGO FILE').css('max-height', '75px');

This is only applicable if you are a Power User, so I’m guessing it’s not possible to use your own logo for regular affinity users, if the Quickfile account was set up before the affinity account.

I’m assuming that any future accounts linked to the affinity account, will show the logo…?

My reading of Matthew’s comment was that if you as the affinity account holder create a QuickFile account from your affinity dashboard then it will be branded with your affinity branding, but if you take an existing QuickFile account that was created independently and attach that to your affinity dashboard then it will maintain its own branding rather than taking on yours.

What @ian_roberts said is correct.

Think of it from an ownership perspective - if the Affinity account creates the profile, they’d own it; whereas with a standalone profile, the individual user would own it.

In this case, if the owner is the Affinity account, the logo would be that set in Affinity. In any other case, the default QuickFile logo would show.

Hope that makes sense!

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