Logo appearing as a black box in PDF format

I have a logo on my invoice page that I imported, it views perfectly within QuickFile ,however if I or my clients print an Invoice or estimate the logo is totally black. Can you help me to get this to print out as it appears within QuickFile.

The logo I suspect is in CMYK colour format. This is a known issue with the software provider who provide our HTML to PDF conversion. It can be fixed by changing the logo to RGB colour format, if you are unsure how to do this I can fix it and re-upload, just let me know.

Hi Glenn thanks for getting back to me, sorry I am late in replying but I have been away and had only limited access time to the Internet where I was staying. It would be great if you could fix the problem for me as I am not all that great with these type of things. Please let me know if you need me to do anything.

Regards John Botham.

By the way the software is great, may need more help shortly as will need to go VAT registered soon.

All fixed! I’ve compressed the logo as well…should look fine now in the printed view.

Hi Glenn,

I have this exact same problem. Could you fix this for me too? if so what do I have to do?

Many thanks


The image needs to be saved in RGB format and will not work if saved as CMYK. I’ve edited the image and resaved on your account, should look fine now in the PDF.

Hi GLen

Guess what I have the same problem, please can you fix it for me too? Thanks in advance. Lizzie

Fixed! It’s because the image is in CMYK format which the PDF convertor can’t seem to translate. I’ve now converted your logo to RGB so it should appear fine now.

Thank you so much. Brilliant service. I was able to get on with my accounts whilst you fixed this. It would have taken me ages. Have a good weekend.

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