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Hi client of mine has a logo which is good on the invoice but now he has applied to be a save contractor is it possible to get this badge added to the bottom of the invoice so it shows he has been verified as a safe contractor he states that it helps him get more work this way.
please see badge-client number-6131546740- a and d cleaning

Hello @jhanks1170

In Sales > Invoice customisation click on the footer region and you can add html to the footer region.

You would have to host the image somewhere such as your own websites domain.

You would add something like


  • Replace www.yourwebsiteimage with the web address to the image

  • Adjust the values on the width and height to size it correctly (width:50px;height:60px)

Here is an example I did on my test data

not sure what i suppose to do to be honest with you.

so can i put in the footer-


Hello @jhanks1170

If you are not hosting your logo elsewhere You could try hosting the image in your document manager in QuickFile

I have added this for you and added it to the invoice on account -6131546740-

Please check and see if it looks ok for you

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thank you so much ,thats briilant thanks again

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