Logo position on login screen

How do I centre my logo on the logon screen?

Thanks, Rob

Hi Rob,

I have this as the CSS code. Adjust the URL for the image and the sizes to match yours and you should be good.

I would copy and paste but I’m on my phone and it doesn’t allow me! Hope that’s OK for you though!

Edit I don’t believe you need both height and min-height (same with width) - same with width. Think that may have been me playing and not changing it back. But give it a go!

Hope that helps!

Or do you mean you don’t know how? :wink:

Shhh, don’t tell everyone! :wink:

It only seems to select a line at a time, and even then doesn’t give me the options (select all, cut, copy and paste). May just be my phone mind you

Many thanks, I believe this code is the exact same as I have already however my logo is off to the left, is it down to the size of the image? I wondered if there was a way to pad just the logo across? If I adjust the margin it sends everything to the right.

Where I might be going wrong is I have not adjusted the width and height to match the actual image size, I will try this first

Thanks again


Sorted, thanks for your help


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