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I’m just trying out Quick Files - so far I’m impressed that this is all free!

I’m trying to customise our invoices, but I’m struggling, particularly in relation to the logo size and positioning. Our logo is quite wide (1000 x 389) and our standard stationary has the logo front and centre. I’m trying to increase the size of the logo to basically cover the entire area above the “To” address (the “From” having been removed). I’ve also tried lowering the Invoice header (“INVOICE”) to beneath this as well, but to no avail.

Any assistance greatly appreciated.

You would need to edit the following class. In particular you need to ensure you have an !important suffix on the width and to nudge the logo to the right you will need to add left side margin.

Hope that helps!

Thanks Glenn!
Worked a treat on the logo.

I’ve not managed to get the “INVOICE” header to display on the pdf - any thoughts?

Also, I’d like to second the feature request in this thread, although, my request is invoice based rather than item column/row based. I’m currently struggling to build a table in the Invoice Notes out of HTML and CSS, which okay (it’ll just keep fiddling until I’m happy), but for the fact that bugs me is that on each new invoice we’ll have to read through that code to find where to make the relevant edits - not clean.

Whilst I think this product is great a little more ability to customise invoices etc to business needs here would be really useful.


OK I see you’ve embedded a table into the notes section. The HTML translation here is quite basic and is really only designed to handle simple formatting tabs like <b>,<i>,<u> etc. Using a table structure shouldn’t be an issue but you need to collapse the white spaces between the tags otherwise it will end up inserting lots of additional <br/> tags hence why you have a huge gap in your page… Strangely this doesn’t appear on the PDF, but then the PDF has it’s own way of interpreting HTML/CSS.

I’ve collapsed those spaces for you on invoice #000001 so that has solved the spacing issue. I’ve created a new template that I’m working on at the moment and will get back to you on the position of the invoice label.


OK have a look now, I’ve created a new template called Standard_Custom_vTest1.

I would suggest copying the notes from the dummy invoice #000001 to the default notes box in the invoice customisation screen. That way they will always get imported without the white spaces between the tags.

Amazing! Thanks Glenn!!
Wasn’t expecting you to do it for me (but I suppose it’s easier to just do things than explaining how to do them). Regardless thank you.

Now to continue tinkering :stuck_out_tongue:


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Yes, I was going to attempt to explain it but that would have taken me 3 times as long :smile:

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