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Long Item Description / Length Limitation



We have some Sales Items with a long Description (around 155 words, 850 Characters), When such item is added, not the full description will appear after saving - I assume there is a limitation to the length of item description? Is there any way to increase this limit?


Hi @Ray1H

I’ve just tried this with an sample block of text (10 paragraphs, 987 words, 6702 characters), and this has saved fine.

Can I just check that you’re putting this in the Description field rather than the Item one?


Thanks for the swift reply, yes actually it is in the description field, below is what I am entering (attached pic is what I get after saving)Untitled%20qf :

Bi-Directional Field Mount Flow Computer for Liquid or Gas Application

  • Up to Four Meter Runs
  • 32 bit Micro-Processor @ 16.7 MHz
  • Four 4-20mA or 0-5VDC Analog Inputs (24 Bit)
  • One 4-20mA Analog Output (16 Bit)
  • Four 7-28 VDC Digital / Switch Inputs OR Outputs
  • Three Pulse / Frequency Inputs
  • Two RS-485 Communication Ports
  • One RS-232 Communication Port
  • One RS-232 Printer Port
  • One RTD Input (Utilizes two Analog Input Channels)
  • Plasma Backlit Display; 4 Lines, 20 Characters Per Line
  • 4 Infrared Touch Screen Buttons for Field Configuration
  • Two 3/4" NPT and one 1" NPT Conduit Connections
  • -40 to 85 °C Operating Temperature
  • One Second Calculation Cycle AGA8 & AGA3
  • NEMA Type 4X & Type 7 Enclosure
  • Meets & Exceeds API 21.1 for Custody Measurement
  • Includes Dynacom Configuration Software
  • Schedule B: 9026.10.7000 / ECCN: EAR99 / CoO: USA


Ok, I think I see what’s happening here.

I’ve managed to replicate this by saving the item to the inventory first and then adding it to the invoice. Is that the way you’re doing it?

You can manually input this into an invoice - this will allow the full text, but I will ask our development team to take a look at this.


That is right I save it to the inventory first and then try to add it to the invoice.

If I add it manually, will be saved so I can use it next time?


Unfortunately not at the moment, but it will be saved on that invoice. But I will raise this with our team to get a fix in place

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