I’m currently evaluating Quickfile to replace MS Money, which I have used for personal bookkeeping, a property rental business and a Limited Company - Barclays happily downloads all accounts in one file and they get imported into Money. My accountant hates the report I give him each year end and wants me to move to a grown-up accounting system for the Ltd Co. Quickfile seems ideal with its Barclays and Paypal integration but he quite reasonably points out that, unlike the other cloud-based offerings, it is subscription-free and he fears that one day it will suddenly cease to be!

How can you reassure him (and me) that you will continue to exist and what options do I have to export my data in a form that could be used elsewhere if the worst happened?

We’ve being going for 4 years now and are 100% committed to the future of QuickFile. Despite offering the software for free we do have a profitable model in the way of our add-on consultancy services and multi-user licensing (Affinity). We have no external creditors and a very lean business model that puts the development first… so no iPad give-aways I’m afraid :smile:

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It should also be noted that you can set QuickFile to regularly email you a backup of the data for added reassurance about the safety of your data

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Yes, I noticed that. It seemed as if it was in a format that would only be useful with the Quickfile system, though, as I think it was SQL rather than csv or similar. Have I misunderstood?

In the event I have gone for a locally installed PC software package so that when I lose all my data it will be solely due to my own incompetence :slight_smile:

It’s a zip file of CSV files that you can read in Excel or probably import into another package. Each CSV file is named (e.g. Client Ledger, Journals, Sales Invoice, Bank, etc), so you can quickly the one you’re after.

That is much better - thanks for clearing it up for us.