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Looking for accountant for Annual Accounts

I opened a LTD. in june 2015. I am focusing mainly on software services, mostly building my stuff (to help refugees (www.refugeeswork.com), to teach coding (http://app.wizardamigos.com) etc.) and because they don’t bring any money, I do some gigs from time to time.

Had one big project last year and this money I save for investment into promotion for my apps (for example, currently I am on a tour to organize workshops in Asia and to get more users on the apps so in the future I can monetize my affords when there is enough users and I can offer premium features.)

Next thing. Because I travel, I don’t have the address in UK, so I use virtual address where I receive all my post.

I am therefore not employed in my company so I don’t pay myself any salary, I just use the money for work related costs (renting an office, paying for domains, web hosting, phone etc.)

All my incoming and outgoing invoices are on Quickfile (I can share my account with you).

For banking I use a private account at German bank, but I use this account purely for business purpose, so all the transactions are revenue or company costs.

Some little costs I was covering with my private money (cash, Paypal etc.), but I have receipts and have to return this money to myself in the future (all together maybe around 500eur).

Hi @ninabreznik

I’ve moved your post to the ‘Marketplace’ category.

You may find it easier to reach out to a panel of accountants through your account itself. When you log in, providing you’re not linked to an Affinity account, you will see a link in the top right corner:

And select the “Need help with your bookkeeping” link. This will pull your account information, allow you to enter some more information (even paste a link back to this topic if you wish), and send it to a panel of accountants who are familiar with QuickFile.

Hope this helps!

Thank you very much.

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Hi Nina,

If you are looking for just the annual accounts there should also be a button allowing you to view fixed prices for that work. (In the interest of full disclosure I am one of those accountants)

Kind regards,

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Just to add to what @SQKaccountancy said, the link can be found either on your dashboard at the top of the page, or by going to Help >> Additional Services, and you’ll see a ‘year end services’ option.

This will take you through the process of confirming details (such as whether you have a PAYE scheme), and then give you the option to place an order with a number of accountants. Plus, you can see a list of reviews too from other users :slight_smile:

I unfortunately can’t find the link or my dashboard. Sorry for that but am completely new, so feel a bit lost…

No problem! If you’re close to your year end, you may have an “accounts due” box showing on your dashboard too. I’ve taken a screenshot from a test account and highlighted the two links:

Pink - This will take you through the Year End process that @SQKaccountancy mentioned above
Black - This will take you to the contact form for accountants that I mentioned above

You can give both of them a go - nothing is submitted or ordered until you confirm it at the end.

Great. So directly from my accounting dashboard. I was lost in the community.quickfile.co.uk :slight_smile: Thank you for help. I posted now so waiting for proposals. Very nice.

Hello, Chris. I see now how this works, so I would like to book you, but have no funds on Paypal. Is there a way to do payment with my company’s credit card or bank transfer?

If your card or bank account is linked to PayPal, you can just process it as you would normally (like for example, if you were to buy something on eBay). If it’s not linked, I believe you can add it straight away by going to www.paypal.com and adding it through your account.

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Hi Nina,

The easiest way is via the way mentioned by @QFMathew but if that isn’t an option let me know and I can do it manually and take payment via BACs

Kind regards,

DOn’t have my credit card here right now, so will fix this later and then we can make this work. Looking forward. Thank you in advance.