Looking for an accountant

i am wondering if anyone can help me find an accountant. I am a sole trader (online sales) and i have just realised that i need to register for VAT as turnover has just reached the magic number.

I obviously want someone who can take a look at my quickfile account and say “ahhh, you should do this and save yourself some money” :slightly_smiling:

any advice welcome


Hi Matt,

Firstly - We do have a few accountants on here who may be able help.

Secondly - We actually have a built in function on QuickFile to get some prices from a panel of accountants. On your dashboard, you should have a button like this one, in the top right hand corner:

If you can’t see the button, go to your dashboard, remove ‘/dashboard’ from your web address, and replace it with ‘/secure/connect/quote.aspx’. This will guide you through a few questions, and then accountants can come back to you with queries or prices etc.

Hope that helps!

it wasnt there but i have found it with your little link.
quotation requested… many thanks

Hi Matt,

I would be happy to see if I can help but I am having a couple of issues with the quotes coming through at the moment. Would you be okay to message me the details of what you need and I will see if I can help?

Kind regards,

message sent. thanks

As always, I would strongly suggest that no-one actually do this for anything anywhere ever.


I wish I could “like” this more than once…


I have two ‘comments’ about a post here.

  1. QF should consider deleting posts where other accountants self promote themselves so openly… this is a forum to discuss issues, not to self promote and advertise pricing.

  2. Cheap, quality and speed can never exist all together… :unamused:

Hi @Sameera

  1. This post is in the Marketplace category which is designed for looking for people who can provide services etc.
    Full description can be found here:
    About the Marketplace category

  2. I think many will agree with you :slight_smile:

Thanks and agree. i.e. its for QF members to post their requirements , not other way around. :slightly_smiling:

TBH there are that many red flags in the “advert” that it is probably doing you a favour by clearing the technically incompetent customers from the field.

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I created the Marketplace category to assist those who are looking specifically for help with accounting related matters, and are generally willing to pay for the services of an accountant or bookkeeper.

I don’t think however these posts have any place on the homepage, so I’ve edited the settings for this category to be hidden and discoverable by search only. Also I think we’ll alter the guidelines to encourage those able to help to contact the OP directly regarding specifics such as pricing and contact information, this should limit any opportunistic advertising.

I’ve also removed a couple of posts from this thread, that I feel go against the comments I made above.