Looking for bookkeeping assistance

We’ve been using QuickFile since starting up, two and a half years ago. The company has now reached a point where we can justify outsourcing out the bookkeeping to someone. I tried the ‘need help with your accounts?’ option within QuickFile, but that seems to submit it via the findanaccountant.co.uk site, which is also run by the QuickFile people. The problem with that is that it’s simply a directory of accountants and so everyone that has replied so far wants to convert us to Xero and also do our accounts and VAT returns. We already have accountants that we are happy with - we simply need someone for a few hours a week to help with our bookkeeping. We are relatively small and I probably spend an hour at most per day in QuickFile and so this will be an easy task for someone. I just need help finding someone good that is happy to work with QuickFile!
Running a business is completely new to me (although we seem to be doing an ok job of it). Therefore please forgive my ignorance for now knowing how the relationship between a bookkeeper and business normally works.

Any suggestions gratefully accepted!

Thank you


If you ask either @Glenn or @QFMathew, they be able to point you in the direction of several firms (including myself) that would be able to help you with just your bookkeeping and specialise in Quickfile.

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Do you need someone to come to your premises or would a ‘remote’ service be acceptable. I am a member of the International Association of Bookkeepers - IAB - and use Quickfile for my own and several clients bookkeeping. In addition I use Quickbooks, Xero and Sage at various clients too.
I have been a bookkeeper for over 15 years with experience in a wide range business sectors. I live in Scotland, hence the query on whether you are happy with a bookkeeping service that has little or no meeting in person.

Steve Gale MIAB