Looking for somebody who can help me initial set up

I thought I can do an initial set up of Quickfile by myself but I’m really struggling
and after reading various topics and watching Youtube videos, I am getting nowhere.

Is there a person who can guide me with webchat or by phone? My question in the forum was answered quickly and thoroughly, but I bumped into many more problems when I tried to follow his instructions.

If there is no such service, I am happy to pay so could you tell me where I can find
a person who can help me set up Quickfile? Or should I search an accountant near me?

I’m a sole trader and my business size is very small. So far I’ve been using excel sheets and
done self assessment by myself. But I heard that from 2024, MTD will be mandatory for sole traders so I am preparing early as I thought it wouldn’t be be easy for me.
Thank you.

As far as I know MTD for income will only be mandatory for sole trader with a turnover of 10000 or more.

What is your problem with setting up the account? May people on the forum can help.

Have you had a look in the knowledge base?

Hello @Ginkgo

I’m a sole trader and my business size is very small. So far I’ve been using excel sheets

On the back of what @rhc mentioned If you have your data in excel and just need to submit the figures you could just do MTD bridging returns to submit your figures (see below).

We do offer a Bridging module if you are not using QuickFile to store your accounts which would allow you to do MTD submissions.

Please note: VAT Bridging is accessible at no extra cost for those with an active Power User Subscription (£60 + vat per year) or Affinity managed account. On the free tier you will be able to file your first Bridging VAT Return at no cost, after which you will need to obtain an Affinity or Power User Subscription.

More information on pricing can be found in the link below.


QuickFile is free up to the first 1000 nominal postings in a rolling 12 month period then £60 per year after that.
This includes MTD submissions and is simple to use.

More information on pricing can be found in the link below.
QuickFile Pricing.

As others have mentioned there is plenty of information in the knowledge base and the forum. Forum search is quite powerful but try and look for each issue individually as most discrete issues (chart of accounts, invoicing, bank) will have already been covered, but you probably won’t find a wide generic search (e.g. “sole trader setup”) that will meet your needs.

If you ask questions in the forum, keep them focussed, specific and provide clear information with screenshots if relevant; this will help people to help you.

If you want to find an accountant to help, it might be worth posting in here: Marketplace - QuickFile
Looking for a local accountant that knows Quickfile well may be tricky as they will tend to favour one application, whereas here you will find plenty of accountants who know the system and may be able to advise you on setup.

Thank you very much for your replies. I am learning more about basic accounting,
but as martinprice wrote, I might look for an accountant in Marketplace. I feel that I don’t understand how accounting works in the first place.
I apreciate all three of you for your support.

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