Lost documents from receipt hub

I have read your response to the error that caused all the documents in the hub to be lost. Although this is a nuisance, it’s not catastrophic and should be recoverable at user level envelope if not by yourselves.

I just wanted to say well done for the way you handled it after the event and I for one have not lost any confidence in your software or your staff. And I would be willing to bet that the programmer never does it again - ever :slight_smile:

We users are lucky to have folks like you who are willing to create free software like this. Keep up the good work.

Thank you Matt, I very much appreciate your support. We are very upset about what happened on Friday and we have been working throughout the weekend to develop a tool for matching up any documents reposted to us back to the original purchases. We are in the final phases of testing and will issue an update shortly on this. We will be helping users individually to restore any missing documents.

We will also be implementing strong controls to prevent this from ever happening again and a great deal more transparency about when and what we backup. I apologise if you were affected by this and I’m happy to assist where I can, just PM me on the forum or email me at glenn@quickfile.co.uk.

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