Lost receipt in purchases

I’m trying to find a receipt under purchases but I can’t seem to locate it. I’ve searched on it and checked deleted and archived but it’s not there.

When I recently entered a receipt it had skipped onto the next receipt number so it must be somewhere. I can’t even see in the chart of accounts.

Any suggestions to find it? - Thanks


If you go to Account Settings >> Tools >> Document Manager, this will list all the files associated with your account and where they’re stored (Receipts being those attached to files).

Does the file appear there?

I assume by this you mean you clicked “Skip” on the Receipt Hub? This should keep the file in the receipt hub itself rather than move it anywhere, so it should still be in the receipt hub.

But even if it was moved when tagged to a purchase, it should appear in the document manager mentioned above.

Hi sorry i think i may have confused you.

I went to create a purchase and I noticed the receipt number had moved on, missing a number so I’m missing QF00209 as it went straight onto QF00210.

Did you raise any credit notes in the meantime? I’ve noticed credit notes seem to “block” the next QF number, i.e. my purchases go QF01835, QF01836, CN00199, QF01838, …

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Thanks Ian as it happens I did. That would solve it then, well done!

Support why is this the case?

It’s just the way it works. It’s due to how the number allocation works internally.

However, the #QF reference for these invoices are just for internal referencing.

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