Lost several invoice lines

I’ve attempted to compile an invoice with18 lines but after saving, the first 10 lines have disappeared.
I couldn’t find how to convert line to “comment lines” so I set Item to —"— which disappear when saved.
Perhaps you can view Invoice 390 to view what remains.

There must be limits and/or rules preventing unit costs and quantities set to zero.

Unit costs or qty of 0 will disappear I believe so that’s probably why it’s happening.

To convert an invoice line to a comment one,

When entering an invoice, there is a cog wheel in the description area, click that, and a drop down gives more options.

Here you can covert to a comment line. You can then add your text, either before or after each item line, if you want to give additional information in regards to the invoiced products.

Thanks for the comment line tip. I’ll bear it in mind.

When entering comment lines any formatting tips?
Doesn’t accept tab either ‘Tab’ or Alt+009. Padding with spaces are ignored.

Is this topic now closed?

Hi @fopetesl

No, this thread/topic is still open, if you scroll to the bottom you should be able to see that it will automatically close in so many days:

As far as I am aware the comment lines are just standard text lines, what is it that you’re trying to achieve with tabbing?

The comment lines should behave as per standard invoice lines, which will take some HTML formatting. You can use 4 standard spaces ( ) or an em-space ( ).

Thanks, Lurch. Just what I needed to know. Never thought of html. Duh!

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