LTD Property purchase through a mortgage

I would like to know how to input these transations into my accounts and bookkeeping on quick file.

Property cost: £111,000
Mortgage loan : 83,250
Deposit: 27,250
Solicitors fee and stamp duty: £5810 (stamp duty: 3330)
Deed of Gaurantee Solicitor signing: £238.80
Director bank transfer from personal to business account for equity: £2000
First mortgage interest only payment: £375.67

This is all the transactions that too place between the period of 1 September 2022 - 30 September 2023. As it is the first filings.

So there is not allot of transactions that took place as you can see so would be great to get some insight into how to categorise and input these in. Especially the purchase price of the property agents the mortgage loan and deposit.

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You are still missing few line items , things dont balance

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could you go into more details please? Those are the only purchases and transactions made

Plz double check your completion statement

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I may have documented it incorrectly. based on the completion statement this is the transaction:

Purchase price: £117,038.14
Mortage loan: £83232
Deposit: £33806.14


£2000 : transaction from directors personal account to business account
Deed of Gaurantee Solicitor signing: £238.80 - made through directors personal account
First mortgage interest only payment: £375.67 - made through Official business bank account

This should explain things better.

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Thank you for the breakdown this helps.

Just for clarity after entering my transactions through the journal entry this is what the balance sheet is looking like