Mail problems

We are having trouble emailing some of our customers.
Below is an email sent;

Yes, and .com are as different as chalk and cheese. In any case I’ve since contacted Rackspace again and can confirm we have now whitelisted both & .com for quickfile and nothing has hit our serves from those domains at any point today.

I would imagine this is a SMTP issue if you have experienced this from other people as well.

If you contact QuickFile and inform them their mail hasn’t hit rackspace servers (one of the largest providers on the planet) they need to track the movement of the mail from their end sent between 11:30-11:40am GMT British Summer Time today to the domain

Sorry I can’t be of more help but on going I think It’s best to send form until this is resolved.

Can you help?

Thank you in advance.

A lot of these problems can be mitigated by setting Quickfile to use your own SMTP server.

Whitelisting may not be enough. Some email services have issues over “from” and “reply to” addresses being different. As Lurch says SMTP may be the answer.

There are other factors that may cause non delivery. Providers or users may block messages with embedded links and a user’s experience of spam may have caused them to block messages containing keywords that you are using.

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This is the second biggest issue IME. I get loads of complaints about emails not being delivered from Quickfile with seemingly no reason. A lot of external spam filters drop the Quickfile mail before it even hits a users mail server.

I guess it doesn’t help that there’s so much social engineering spam around these days about “here is your invoice, click the link for details”… I’m not at all surprised that rules designed to block those also catch QuickFile messages talking about invoices with one domain as the from address and a different domain as the link target.

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That’s exactly the issue, the Quickfile emails and templates were fine a few years ago but spam filters are now more aggressive as a lot of spam/scam email is 100% genuine but with a fake embedded link and different From/Reply-To headers, basically exactly the same as Quickfile’s emails!

We moved over to Quifckfile as it was email attachments that were getting hit at the time.


  1. I normally acklowledge orders after invoicing including a statement that an invoice has just been emailed.
  2. While too many people go just over the line before paying to check on the 1st overdue notice I copy the 2nd overdue notice to myself and check if the invoice has been opened.
  3. I don’t use the words “invoice” or “order” in the message title, this can be the last straw with some spam filters.
  4. With new clients I try to remember to check if they have looked at the invoice after about a week (OK I usually forget that one)

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