Make a donation to Quickfile

Hey guys,
I’m just starting out with Quickfile and I don’t know whether my small business will stand the test of time yet but I’m really enjoying using this excellent product for free and also note with admiration the incredibly timely and personalised support you offer.
I’ll probably get an annual subscription at some point and maybe use some of your services; but was wondering - for those that might have many small businesses and enjoy your excellent product and support for free - whether you might add a very indiscrete “donate” to Quickfile feature in the dashboard or page border etc. (Would be really cool if this also added a journal entry; and was perhaps offset against a future annual subscription if taken up).
Apologies if you already have this feature somewhere.

Hi @infrapf

Thank you for your feedback!

It’s not something that has come up before, and it’s not something we’ve accepted at the moment. As you’re hopefully aware, while XS, S and M accounts are free to use, L and XL users are required to have a Power User Subscription. However, this is optional for the smaller accounts but is available if you wish to purchase it (available under Help >> Additional Services)