Make client PHONE NUMBER field available in Zapier

I notice that the client phone number field is available in Zapier. I require this to send an sms message to the customer.

Hello @samppatel

It’s available through Zapier for New Client, but not New Invoice triggers, which I believe is the one you’re referring to for the SMS?

We can consider adding this, however the webhooks are more of just a notification, from which you can then trigger a proper API call to retrieve the full client details.

The full webhook details can be viewed in our API documentation, here:

I think for something like a SMS trigger, it would more a case for a custom app.

Yes I am referring to new invoice triggers.

The invoice creation webhook has very little data available.

However, I do not believe Zapier is using this as most if not all fields available on the invoice ARE available in Zapier. Moreover, the clients Address and email is available but not the phone number. The phone number seems to be the only thing that is missing.

I guess Zapier is querying the api using Invoice_Get (usign the invoice number from the webhook) to get further data on the invoice. It would also need to use Client_Get to get the phone number.