Make it easier to Identify which client trading style is in use


Is there a way of checking which trading style is in force when creating an invoice for an existing client without going into the ‘modify client details’ screen? At the top of the page of the new invoice, there is a message telling you that the client is using a trading style template and you can edit the templates via a shortcut but if you take that shortcut it doesn’t tell you which template is in force for that client. You appear to have to go into the modify client details screen.



Hi @Jacky

There isn’t a way at the moment, but this is still a relatively new part of the system.

I’ll mention this to my colleague and see what options we have here. Someone will come back to you shortly - watch this space!

I’ve made a couple of recommendations to the development team that will make it easier to identify which trading style is in use. It’s likely that this will be implemented later in the month as we’re a little busy right now working on another large project.

I will come back and update this thread once we have these updates in place.

Thanks Glenn. The trading styles is a very useful feature for me. Stephen

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We’ve made a couple of enhancements to make it easier to identify which trading styles are in use.

###Client detail screen

On the client detail screen you can now see the trading style in use without having to go into the modify settings area.

###Invoice preview screen

We’ve also added some clarity on the invoice preview screen that will now show and direct link to the trading style applied.

In each of the above cases the link directly opens the edit dialogue box on the landing page so you can easily modify the trading style or drill down to the underlying client area or invoice template.

Hope that helps!

Its certainly helps. Thanks for such a speedy response.
An idea. As the Trading style is attached to the client and not a particular invoice, could the indication of the trading style come higher up the hierachy and appear earlier, ie even before the first invoice is saved. At present the indication only appears after the invoice is saved. Stephen

I can’t promise anything there but I will certainly refer it to the development team.

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