Make project tags compulsory when entering purchases

We’re starting to use project tags but, to be frank, we’re lazy and often find that, during bank tagging, we forget to allocate a project tag to every cost.

We can always go in later and batch tag, but that’s not ideal.

Is there a way to make adding a project tag a mandatory part of the process so that we never forget? I see we can already have a default project tag for a supplier, whch helps but it would be great if we simply couldn’t save a purchase without allocating it to a project.


Hi @mikeh

Thank you for your suggestion.

We’ll leave this thread open for others to add their vote and comments.

We too are just about to start using project tags. It would be great to have it as a mandatory field, but with a drop down box allowing to choose between “xxx project” or “no tag”

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Good idea, I regularly forget and have to go back in later and amend.

We use projects to allocate income and expenditure to specific issues of the magazine. It would be useful for us to make the field mandatory when raising an invoice or purchase manually. Recurring invoice templates would need a “no tag” option as we use these to bill advertisers and resellers for each issue.

I also agree, it would be a great feature if you were prompted for project everytime you entered a sales or purchase Invoice

Thanks for the support for this idea - we’d love to see it implemented!

We can certainly enforce a rule so that a project tag must be entered when creating a new purchase. Or even better to show a warning that must be manually dismissed.

The problem is currently we don’t provide any interface for applying project tags from the bank tagging process. I think this would be a better place to start? Without this I believe the problem of missing tags would still prevail.

We will review this shortly and report back.

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Just a quick one to let you know that it is now possible to apply project tags from the bank. So we are one step closer :wink:

Great news - already a huge step forward. Now if only yoiu could make it compulsory, even we couldn’t mess it up :slight_smile:

Don’t underestimate the ability of people to mess things up.