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Make Tax digital approved software


I’m about to submit my first Tax return using QuickFile. I’m worried. I don’t see it listed on https://www.gov.uk/guidance/find-software-thats-compatible-with-making-tax-digital-for-vat

Simple question: will I be able to submit a Digital Tax return to HMRC using QuickFile? If so where can I see it listed as an approved software on the website? This is an urgent inquiry as I have to submit a return for the period ending Mar 31st. I do not want to get fined for submitting it too late… or in the worst case scenario, it does not even get delivered to HMRC when I assumed it had using QuickFile, and then I have to get into a wrangle with the VATman… I’m no Robin and the VATman takes not prisoners… it’s Bish … Bash… Pow!!! Please show me where I need to look on the uk.gov website to re-assure me QuickFile is one of the approved software. Thanks.



Hello @musakhan

Currently HMRC have only released MTD VAT returns, of which QuickFile does support and recognised by HMRC.

The link you quoted is actually “software in development”, whereas QuickFile is available now, and appear on this list: https://www.tax.service.gov.uk/making-tax-digital-software. Although I admit the Gov UK layout could be a bit clearer!



I stand corrected. I found Quickfile via the Search For Software by Name tool… it’s odd that it does not appear in the unfiltered list.


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