Making Tax Digital - Submitted VAT Return payment not taken

Anyone else had problems with MTD? My December return (31/12/18) got confirmation but is not showing on my account in HMRC (in fact no returns are showing) and no payment has been taken. But…it’s not showing that I’ve not made a return either.

Hi @Colin_Aspinall

If the return was submitted through QuickFile, is it showing on your account, and if so, does it have a “MTD” label in the top corner?

I inputted the VAT return data in your system and it shows ‘SUBMITTED : 10 Mar 2019 08:21’. A bit confused as when I check my HMRC Vat page (previously submit Vat return via that) I see it is still ‘OPEN’. Kindly advise what I should do next? Has the vat data been submitted to HMRC?
Thank you.
Dr Rong

Hi @wurong

Was it submitted through MTD or through the older method? When you view the return, it may have a “MTD” label in the top right.

Thanks for your prompt reply. I just registered with HMRC for the MTD service (previously I only register with you). Wait for their email to confirm. Later I need to report HMRC that I am using QuickFile for the MTD service.
Can I ask, do I need to use QuickFile to record my transactions in order to use your online VAT MTD service? I have my own booking system and can generate VAT return data. Ideally at this stage I only manually input VAT return data in your system and then ask QuickFile to submit to HMRC!
Thanks for your help.

The VAT return is made up of figures entered into your account. While you can manually adjust the return to include figures from elsewhere, it’s not recommended. There are certain restrictions on MTD, so it may be best to query it with your accountant.

On the VAT return above, does it have a HMRC ID on the top of it?

I just received HMRC email stating:

# Sign up complete

Dear Customer

You’ve signed up to use software to submit your VAT Returns.

What happens next

1. Choose relevant third party software.
2. Allow your software to submit VAT Returns to HMRC. You might need to sign in with your Government Gateway details.
3. Use software to record your sales and purchases.
4. Submit your VAT Returns before your deadlines.

From HMRC Digital

As you see, I have already inputted Jan 2019 Vat return data in QuickFile, could you please submit it to HMRC now.
Thank you very much.

Hi @wurong

I’m afraid we won’t be able submit a return on your behalf, you would need to action this from within QuickFile yourself.

If you have a saved return on your account you will need to roll it back and submit it again using the MTD setup (Reports >> HMRC) after you’ve linked your QuickFile and HMRC account. If you can’t find this option or have trouble submitting the return, please let us know and we can take a look for you.

Thanks very much for your help! I think I have done it correctly as per your advice.
I will evaluate the whole system for a while and should subscribe more service from you in due course.

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Looks like my last return was the traditional way and the next will be MTD. But, my confirmation for MTD was 21/01 and something has gone wrong (maybe because I registered between submission and payment?). I’ve logged a ticket with HMRC. Thanks.

Hi @Colin_Aspinall

If it was submitted through the older method, I would firstly ensure that HMRC accepted it. If you’re registered for MTD, they will often reject returns from the older submission method.

If they have rejected it, you would need to roll it back and re-submit it using the MTD method (Reports >> HMRC).

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