Managing Separate Projects


I am a Book Keeper with a client looking to join Quickfile for his business. He has several projects on the go at any one time & would like to be able to operate the system himself (therefore, wants it easy to use & pleasing to look at). He needs his info to be able to separate income and costs on a project basis so he knows if he is making money on each project.

I have had a quick look at Quickfile but would like to know if existing users think it would suit my client.


There is a project tagging feature which allows you to group purchase and sales invoices (as well as estimates, recurring invoices etc) to a project tag.

The only limitation I would say there would be, is that the whole invoice would be tagged to the invoice, and you can’t separate it line by line.

The system is definitely easy to use, and any problems, there’s an active community here (as you can probably see yourself) who are always more than happy to help :slight_smile:

For reference, here’s a nice little post on the project tags:

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We wouldn’t have used Quickfile without the project feature. It is simple to use and for the way we operate the inability to split invoices isn’t an issue. The only thing that I would add is that transactions need to be explicitly tagged after creation so you will want a manual procedure to eyeball the lists of sales and purchase invoices to pick up any that are missing tags.

Great to hear, thank you :slight_smile: