Manual bank Feed not working - HSBC Open Banking

Ive been using the HSBC open banking feed for some time now, a few issues here and there but no major issues. For the past few weeks I have tried quite a few times (different days and times) to manually refresh the bank feed in order to download some transactions from earlier in the same day and it doesn’t seem to work. Prior to this the manual refresh worked fine.

The overnight poll works perfectly and all transactions are coming through ok, just seems to be the manual refresh - any help appreciated.

Hi @Shaun_Rumsey,

The bank feeds will only look at the previous day, so if you manually refresh on 2nd it will only look at transactions that happened on 1st. I believe there may be some updates coming that will look at same day transactions but for now this isn’t possible

Hi, prior to this issue, It always imported transactions from the same day, sometimes i could make a payment via my bank and then manually refresh within an hour and it would come through on the bank feed. Is this something that has now changed? I am 100% sure it worked find for same day transactions before.

Hi Laura,

It may have pulled in transactions from the same day if you had a Yodlee feed connected. However the Open Banking feed works slightly differently

No, never had a yodlee feed only ever open banking.

What would be the point of a manual feed then if it only imported from the previous day - would be no point as all transactions from previous day come through overnight??

I definitely have used it same day so cannot understand??

Hi @Shaun_Rumsey

The manual feed will check up to midnight. But only transactions that the bank presents as “booked” (which means they’ve been finalised) will be imported. If something is pending, it won’t show.