Manual entry in bank account paid against really old purchase record

when I look through the bank account, there are the entries I’d expect, imported from my bank statements and an occasional manual entry. The payment of one such manual entry is allocated to a purchase which is really old.
My questions are:

  1. Is it possible for a manual entry in the bank account to have been created automatically ?
  2. How would the allocation to such an old purchase have happened ?

Many thanks

  1. Manual entries occur when you manually log a payment against an invoice, it may also occur when you bulk enter invoices (again manually) and mark as paid.

  2. When you manually loggin a payment to an invoice, you can set any date you like here, so it’s completely possibly to log a payment to a very old invoice. In fact if you log the payment long after the invoice it would default to the payment date to the date you enter. Looking at the event trail at the bottom of the invoice preview should give you some clues.

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