Manual filing of 1 return means "Please file the VAT return for the period begining:"

Hi, due to the change in flat rate tax occurring during an accounting period I ended up manually filing a VAT return earlier this year as I didn’t realise I could adjust my return in QuickFile. Now that I want to file my latest return in QF (after making adjustments so that it only reflects the last quarter) it won’t let me, saying:

Please file the VAT return for the period begining:

Is there a way to fix this as I like the convenience of QF for filing. (And can you fix the typo in ‘begining’). Or am I stuck in manual filing now? I read the related posts but doesn’t seem it’s quite the same as this.


Hi @PhoebusUK

The best way forward with this would be to add the VAT return on QuickFile and using the manual adjustments for it to match the one you submitted manually. When it comes to submitting it, don’t submit it to HMRC.

This would still mean it’s present on your account and it tallies up all your figures when it comes to tagging the payment to HMRC for example. It will also lock any related invoices as per previous VAT returns.

Once that’s done, it would simply pick up where you left off.

I hope that helps?

Thanks for the quick response. I see, so I can uncheck “File VAT Return electronically with HMRC”, hit “Submit return” and QF will see it as submitted but HMRC won’t get a duplicate return from me?

If so I will go ahead and do that.

That’s correct. QuickFile just handled the return as it normally would, but without the filing.

Even if you did submit it to HMRC again, they would reject it.

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