Manual payment and receipt entry without bank features

We are considering using Quickfile for a small charity, but we don’t want to import the bank details and in general we are doing cash accounting. Is it possible to enter receipts and payments in the old fashioned way, without resorting to just posting a journal? Our treasurer is not very computer literate and finds the idea of bank imports and tagging too much to contemplate. He is used to using Quicken, but this is no longer supported, so we need to find something else to use going forward.

You can just add your purchases on the day you pay for them, and tag them to the bank account. It’s easy enough to do :smile:

Here’s a quote from Joe in more details about cash accounting:

If you aren’t trying to keep your bank account reconciled to Quickfile in real time then you are unlikely to want to touch journals except for banking or withdrawing petty cash. (There may even be a way around that but I haven’t needed to look)

I have had a similar issue with a volunteer treasurer and I would suggest sitting down and having a play with Quickfile yourself and running it in parallel with your existing accounting for a month or two. Set up inventory items for your common transactions and write an instruction sheet based on your own business.

I have gone a step beyond that and have a “cookbook” detailing all our business processes, with screen shots, in case I have another heart attack and somebody has to step in at zero notice.

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