Manual payments on invoices appear twice in bank

If a payment is added directly to a supplier invoice it appears as a transaction in the bank account, and when the bank statements are uploaded the payment is added a second time to the bank account. Should I just delete the second transaction?

The problem then is that a cheque could be written out and allocated to a supplier invoice long before it is cashed, so if the second transaction (the actual date the payment is cashed) is the one that is deleted then the payment date on the invoice and in the bank account on Quickfile will not match with the actual bank account.

What is the best way to handle this?

Hi @JGood

Yes - it should be safe to delete the duplicate untagged entry. As long as your bank balance is all OK, then all should be good.

You may wish to look at using a holding account. In simple terms, you would have a second bank account which would handle uncashed cheques.

Using your example of a supplier invoice, you would then:

  1. Mark the supplier invoice as paid from the holding account
  2. When the money actually leaves your account, tag it as a transfer to the holding account

This then balances and allows you to keep everything matching up.

I hope that helps?

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