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Manual tagging fails

I am trying to tag some entries on the bank account, they were tagged as PAYE for some reason so I untagged them and I am now trying to tag them correctly as payments to suppliers. However when I get to the end and click save I just get the circular arrows turning round, waiting 5 mins does nothing, the back button works but then going forward just gets me to the same circular arrows. Refreshing the page gets me back to the bank account and the payment still showing as untagged.

Got it working, needs a invoice set up before the tag is set and then to select the invoice, when using the manual tag function in the past the invoice was added using the info given in the tagging ‘Create new purchase’ box. This function looks to be not working but I can work around it.

Hi @JohnH

I’m not sure I quite understand the problem. If you are having loading issues this sounds like it might be a browser problem. Have you tried using another browser or device?

just tried and it worked in Chrome, was not working in Win10 IE build 21H1.

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