Mapped invoice nominals

I’ve just noticed that when a mapped invoice is received it defaults to General Purchases nominal instead of the one assigned to the Supplier account details? Furthermore I seem unable to amend invoices created by the mapping process.

Any thoughts?



On the invoice preview screen you should see a button to break the mapping. This will then allow you to edit any aspect of the invoice.

I would have assumed that it would default to the nominal saved on the supplier settings screen. I may be wrong though, it may just put everything under ‘general purchases’? I will check on this.

Yes, thanks, spied the button but didn’t know if that would permanently break the mapping?


It just breaks the suppliers control over the purchase so that you can change it. I checked with my colleague and apparently the purchase nominal account is determined from the supplier settings. You should see the following field:

I will have to disagree with your colleague then! I had already set up a different purchase nominal account but they do still arrive as General Purchases.



Do you have a particular invoice number where you are not seeing this? I checked a recent invoice on your account (7th March) and it was tagged to 7506 which matches the supplier record.

Oh gosh, sorry Glenn, you and colleague are correct! Big apologies, I must have changed the Nominal after the invoice in Feb and forgotten… sorry to be a dumb customer!


Ah ok, No worries :smile:

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