Marketplace accountants rating and feedback

I’m currently looking for someone to assist with my accounting - I posted a request for quotes via the “need help” link on the dashboard. I have received several quotes and wide range of estimates from £50 to £500 - I’m a little uncertain of how to select given my accounting has been all self service previously.

Is there anything in place to rate the service of this affiliated services - where new customers could review the feedback and experiences of others? Or any discussion on this forum focused on service received?

As one of the accountants, I would like to second this request. It would be nice to be able to build a reputation that people can see when choosing their accountants.

Whilst I am heavily biased here (as I have provided you with a quote) I would recommend going with an accountant you feel comfortable working with and avoiding the cheapest end of the spectrum.

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This is something that we are actively working on right now. I can’t reveal too much detail at this stage as it may change before the release date. We will keep both advertisers and users informed when we get a little closer to the release date.

I just want to add that there are accountants who use QF but not necessarily advertise their services on the QF platform.

One of them is me.

I have recommend QF to my current and new clients, with the exception of about two all have moved to QF and love it.
They are all on power user subscription. I have decided not to use affinity as i would prefer the ownership of my client’s QF account to be theirs. They have happily paid the £45 + VAT in addition to my fees.

I am regular contributor to this forum and very happy with how QF supports additional/new feature requests.

Never felt the need to advertise here.

Not sure how, but i hope QF will consider these ‘other’ accountants in this project that Glenn is working on.

Hi Sameera
Could you provide me with a quotation and also tell me about your qualification etc
Many Thanks