Marking disputed invoice

How do you mark a purchase invoice as “in dispute” on the software? We have been over charged and have requested a credit note but i cannot find any facility to ear mark this invoice as in dispute, and don’t want to accidentally pay it without the credit coming in.

Please advise

You’re not able to mark it as ‘in dispute’, but you are able to add notes on there (at the bottom of the page).

I would suggest adding a note to the invoice at the bottom on the preview screen. You could also use the project tagging feature to apply a tag to the invoice “In Dispute”.

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This it not good, you need a different colour in the invoice list or something, there is no prevention not to pay a disputed invoice. Notes are no good either when you are paying lots of invoices at the end of the month.

You can put very first word as “Disputed” in description so that you can immediately read while paying, even better Archive it if you are looking to select multiple invoice for payment from purchase listing screen

@FaradayKeynes approach is a sensible way to distinguish those items. From within the purchase list you can directly cursor onto the description and modify it:

We already add the first text with the invoice number as the system does not print off the suppliers invoice number for remittane purposes so this does not seem a viable solution but thanks