Masking URL with my domain name

Is there a way to mask the QuickFile URL, I’d like to use my own domain or a sub domain for example fr my clients to access

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Hi @bhenderson. I have previously asked this question on the old community site. I’ve pasted Glenn’s response below:

If you try to CNAME unfortunately it won’t work as the software looks at the domain to determine the correct account to link into. It won’t work for a whole bunch of other reasons as well, mostly down to relying on hard-coded links.

I was going to suggest running the client area in a frame (not the most sophisticated approach), unfortunately this will work in only a number of cases and will fall down when sending emails, as again the quickfile domain will be referenced.

Regrettably what you’re trying to do was never designed in the original feature set. We’re happy to consider this in future developments but I can’t make any promises here as we do have a long backlog of features we’re committed to.

Thanks for referencing the old forum post on CNAMEs. We are currently in the process of building extended capabilities for Quick File under a multi-user system. It is likely that this sort of functionality will be considered under the new platform. At this stage however it’s not something we are planning, there’s a lot of back-end work that would need to be done to make this possible and right now we have many other areas we need to commit to.

Thanks for the info, I don’t think I’ll bother with the frame idea. I’d rather have a fully working system, emails etc

Yes, framing is not a pretty solution. In a few weeks we should have more time to look at the impact of enabling CNAMEs. I’ll update this thread as soon as I know more.

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Has there been any updates in regards to this. Would be great if I could use my own domain for the client login side of things.

I’m afraid this is not something we are currently working on. If we implement this feature it will be part of the Affinity platform but right now this is not on our short to medium term development plan. It’s actually a very big job that would involve code changes in 100s of different places and currently we are pretty busy working on other areas.

I have a simple but effective idea… How about offering a paid service (maybe a an opt in one off fee of £50) where you offer to allow the use of a whitelabel domain, where your clients can choose to use a generic domain such as “” or something similar white labelled which you own and manage but perhaps without reference anywhere to QuickFile, showing exact duplicated data, even in the domain registrar field no ref to quickfile so there is less chance of your clients clients working it out. You can probably, duplicate the content on 2 domains. Offer a login with .quickfile or . The white labelled domain would then not show the clients they use quickfile (which is free so may look negative on some clients), so although not personalised, it’s still not quickfile referenced which I think is what this issue is for us.

It’s a bit more complicated than that I’m afraid. Firstly the SSL won’t work as it’s attributed to the * We’d need to manually install client SSL certificates on our servers which would be a major pain. Also many of our links are hard coded so we’d need to repoint them in numerous places. I’m sorry to say it’s probably not something we’re likely to embark upon in the near future, purely because of the complexities and time involved in achieving this.