Matching receipts to Transactions


I wonder if you could explain please the process of matching transactions to Receipt Hub as I cannot quote figure out the methodology here.

I have downloaded all my bank transactions using Yodlee Feed and I am now in the process of scanning in the Receipts that match the transactions.

I have scanned them in and when I click on TAG ME and enter the amount it shows no matching transactions. I have gone to the Bank Account and the transaction is there. As its the first time of doing this and setting everything up the scan date is today but the transaction date is July 2016… is it outside of a date range to match or am I doing something wrong in the process??

Hi @gbhec

Documents themselves are matched to invoices (including estimates and credit notes) rather than transactions. Specifically, the receipt hub is used for purchase invoices and their related credit notes.

So in the case of the transactions, you would either need to create a new purchase invoice for it, and then match it up, or you can create a simple purchase invoice (one line) directly from the receipt hub itself.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

So from Receipt Hub I have just entered the information from the document, I have then gone to the Bank Account and it has added this new transaction to the bank account and I have a Green Tagged logo but then the Original Transaction is sitting above this still in Red as Tag Me… :frowning:

Sorry for this I’m trying to find the simplest method as I have 6 months of transactions to bring everything up to date.

By default, it will create a new transaction if you create a new document via the receipt hub. However, it should allow you to select a matching transaction too:

I’m not 100% sure on what the date range is for this, but will check with a colleague and confirm shortly.

However, should you end up with a duplicate, you should be able to safely delete the untagged entry

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